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Speaker Cabinet Simulator (SCS) Real Mic - it is simply a necessary assistant to any gastrolirueschego, or household guitarist. In fact, this device forms a frequency response of guitar dynamics, or easier - a chain of active filters approximating the sound from the output of the device to the sound of a guitar cabinet. Everyone knows that in clubs and other venues where have to play guitar, not always possible to find a decent guitar combo (or a bass guitar combo - for bass). When you switch from an output of Real Mic input mixer you can get a very decent sounding instrument, even in the absence of combos on the scene. Another application - a record of his instrument at home such as a computer sound card . Pedal very compact, convenient and easy to use. Of all the remote organs - 4 jacks and LED lights.

Successfully used not only by guitarists but also by many bassists.


  • Pedal Power is provided from a stabilized power supply, or from the replacement battery 9 volts.
  • Dimensions pedals: 110x60x36 mm
  • Weight pedals: 220 gr.


  • Input - input Guitar, or Pedalboard
  • Direct - access to the combo (the direct signal from the input)
  • SCS Out - output the processed signal - on the mixer console, or computer sound card.

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