U-Sound Ripper




This pedal contain in itself two independent effect - FET Distortion and Booster with 3-band EQ. "Ripper" was developed on an individual order, and the challenge was to combine the two U-Sound effects pedals - it «Plexi Killer" and "Simon Boost", which makes it sound similar to the prototype, but with great potential in the settings.


  • Gain - distortion level
  • Volume - volume Dist
  • Tone – timbre Dist
  • Boost - volume Booster

Inside adjustment:

  • Bass - level of low frequency (booster)
  • Mid - level of medium-frequency (booster)
  • Treble - treble level

Inside switches:

  • Booster:
    • Bright
    • Shift
    • Out Level
  • Dist:
    • Bright
    • Gain2
    • Shift


  • Supply Voltage range: 8 V -18 V
  • Complete bypass: (true bypass)
  • Dimensions: 110x60x36 mm
  • Weight: 280 g

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