U-Sound Morse Code



Tap Tempo Tremolo "Morse Code" has a completely analog signal path and a control circuit, based on a micro controller. Through this scheme, the device has very rich settings and features. Modulation can be eight different types of modulation waves - from the "sine" to random combinations. Tap Tempo function lets you sync your playing with the pace of play, performed a multiple of whole notes to the notes of a duration of 1/16.

Powered only by DC 9v power Jack (center negative). True Bypass.


  • Volume - output signal level
  • Waveform - chooses between the following waveforms:
    • Down ramp
    • Square/pulse
    • Triangle
    • Sine
    • Hypertriangle
    • Random
  • Multiplier - selects what division of time is used for trem
  • Depth - depth of modulation
  • Speed - speed modulation


  • Dimensions: 115x90x40 mm
  • Weight: 420g

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