(unknown, U.S.A.) Iron Butterfly - Fuzz Wah



Gourmet Guitars (2016 auction)

This "Iron Butterfly Fuzz Wah" has been sitting in Ed Sanner's old stock since 1970. It has never been sold due to the deal with Sangil (Sanner/Gilstrap) and Iron Butterfly never coming to fruition. 

Sangil was a short-lived company that Ed Sanner and Ken Gilstrap both ex-Mosrite started around 1970. Ed was the designer and builder of the electronics and Ken was in charge of sales. A few of the Iron Butterfly pedals did get made and sold in the day and was approved by Iron Butterfly but only a handful as the deal was never officially consummated.

Ed Sanner designed the fuzz circuit for the famous Mosrite Fuzzrite and the Rosac Nu-Fuzz pedals which were two different circuits. The Iron Butterfly is a different circuit as well and, it has an awesome fuzz sound all to its own, like a Super Fuzz or Fuzz Face with real character and the wah works great. Again, the Iron Butterfly pedal is not the same circuit as a Fuzzrite or a Nu-Fuzz.

Ed has gone through this pedal recently to ensure it is ready and reliable for years of service. It includes a certificate signed by Ed Sanner on the bottom of the unit.

Note from Bart (FXDB): in a phone conversation with Ed Sanner around 2009/2010 he mentioned he still had a small stock of enclosures and pedals.

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