(no brand name yet) Mini Expressionator - Multi-Expression Controller


Jean Baudin (designer)

The Expressionator is a multi-expression controller. It allows you to use one expression pedal (treadle/rocker) to control up to three expression-enabled effects either individually or simultaneously.


  • Three TRS channels for expression-capable pedals

  • One TRS input for expression pedal (Moog EP-2, Roland EV-5, etc.)

  • Visual meter for identifying treadle position, color-coded per channel

  • Five taper presets - each channel can have a different taper selected

    • Raw - Normal expression control.

    • Inverse - Heel and toe are flipped.

    • Anti-Log - Smooths the taper in a TRS-modded volume pedal.

    • Saw - Ramps up 16x within one sweep of the treadle.

    • Square - Square Taper goes 100% to 0% without any medium for an on/off, on/off effect. 16x with one sweep.

  • Stomp switch for cycling between channels. Treadle position retained when switching channels

  • ON button for keeping channel active. One to three channels can be active simultaneously

  • Heel and toe span can be set independently per channel

  • Internal memory saves span and taper settings after power down

  • Output from one channel can be sent to a second Expressionator for more channels.

  • Can be oriented horizontally or vertically

  • CNC-drilled with lasered graphics

  • Internal switch for activating CV (0 to +5 volts)

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