Univox UTR-5 Uni-Tron 5


  • Mode (LP/BP/LP)
    Selects the type of filter: Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass.
  • Peak
    Controls volume of the cutoff frequency.
  • Gain
    adjusts the filter's sensitivity to the signal of your instrument.
  • Range (Low/High)
    Selects the frequency range covered by the filter envelope.
  • (Down/Up)
    Selects the direction of the filter sweep: down- or upwards.
  • Power (Off/On)
    Switches the power on or off :)


Mike Beigel (Musitronics co-founder & designer)

The "Uni-Tron 5" was a copy of the Mu-Tron III, sold by Unicord. It was a time when Japan was copying US designs. Unicord was the precursor to Korg.

We at Mu-Tron approached the president of Unicord, who acknowledged their product infringed our patents, and paid us a royalty. However, they only made about 500 units total. I have one in my collection too.

The circuitry is a direct copy of the Mu-Tron III circuit diagram, though the units don't always sound quite the same.

That's the story, firsthand.

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unitron5 uni-tron5

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