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This pedal is a soft clip Overdrive with switchable gain for improved flexibility. This unit is with the tube amp in mind and shines as a way to take a single channel amp and give it three channels.

In the Low channel the pedal is similar to a Tubescreamer but with better low end response and more features. Resent testing has shown that in fact the OverDriver has better headroom, more note definition, and less noise than the early sought after TS9s. It can be noted that it has the mid hump that is common to this type of design.

The High channel has a small volume increase with more gain to help cut the mix. Also, the High channel can be used as a quasi treble booster using the Bright.

Please note that in the High channel the buzz of the drive tops out at about 50% of the Drive control but the sustain increases with a bit more volume. The upside of this is that the pedal never becomes overly harsh and controlled feedback is easily achieved. It is very responsive to volume changes on the guitar and cleans up nicely. When the guitar is off there is no noise or hiss.

The primary transistors are upgraded to lower noise 2N5088s and the opamp is the Japan Radio Corp. JRC2043. Testing has shown that the 2043 IC has slightly improved fidelity with lower noise than the 4558 IC typically used in these pedals. There is a socket for this IC so any 4558 IC can also be used if desired.

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