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The HoneyDriver is the Compressor we presently offer. U.E. makes no bones about it being a Ross Clone as that's exactly what it is. The pedal has a wonderful tone and lower ambient noise than the original.

A switch sets three different release times for the pedal. One is the stock Ross release, great for standard playing of rhythms or that squished sound. The second setting is for medium speeds, good sustain with less squishing to notes. Then a fast release is for fast playing and will be very popular with Bass players, no squish. Basically, the fastest recovery time is immediate and this means that all the notes will have the same initial attack to them where as a slower recovery will cause the notes after the first one to have a squished quality. We'll likely have to change a few caps to tailor it to Bass but it will be very suited to Bass.

One may ask why a switch and not a pot. Well, the idea came from Mark Hammer, thanks. It's about having three very usable settings that you don't have to think about where in the pot range it is. It DOES NOT save money and in fact costs more.

So why should you buy a Clone? What's the upside? The Ross is now hard to find and getting very expensive. They also have disc capacitors and cheap resisters, this adds up to noise and compressors are noisy enough as is. Our version will cost less, have lower ambient noise and not be used to death. It's also available at a lower price than other clones.

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