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This is the Rebote 2.5 Delay by Francisco Pena at Tonepad. It's a 580ms hybrid analog/digital delay. It has a vast array of easy to find delay uses. I can dial in a pseudo reverb, slap backs, rock lead echos and delay harmonies in seconds. The design is tight, noiseless and very transparent. This design basically passes the original dry signal via analog and blends a parallel digital wet signal by way of the Level control. It's a pretty primative digital chip and with the use of the analog dry signal creates a wonderful output that's clean and with a hint of degradation in the echoes. The end result is much more like an analog delay than the all digital delays most widely available.

There's very little else to say about this design other than we can't make them fast enough!! We're going to try to keep one built up for fast shipping but don't count on it.

The controls are Delay, Level, and Repeat. Delay is to set the delay time. Level sets the amount of the wet effect. And Repeat sets the number of repeats. This last control can dial in infinite repeats. Note, being primitive digital that after several repeats the echo will begin degrading and sound more synthesised. This is one of the things that make analog delays so appealing.

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