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This is design based on R.G. Keen's isolated output amp switcher with several changes. R.G. helped with several new ideas and the end result is a great Amp and Guitar switcher with an isolated tuner output. The pedal sold before we even completed it but I managed to get a few shots of it. We'll offer these as custom builds as only a handful of people will have a use for such a device. The next one we're building is for our demo and has more features and a better layout. I'd like to thank R.G. Keen for his expertise. Thank you.

So what you have here is the ability to plug two guitars, two amps and a tuner into this handy switch box and switch the guitars and ABY the amps. This unit has isolated outputs on the B amp and the tuner out. The A amp is still grounded. We feel that it's an important safety feature to have an earth ground connected somewhere at all times. Even when you're running the B amp only, the bridge on your guitar is connected to the ground of your A amp.

I'm sure someone is going to say "Hey, doesn't that defeat the purpose and still create a ground loop potential?" No, since both sides of the B amp are lifted from the switcher chassis no loop can be completed.

You'll notice a switch next to the B amp out. That is a phase inversion switch for this output. Why? Well what if your amps have out of phase speakers because of cabling or wired differently for some reason. Or what if you just want to use an out of phase sound on a song, it's all possible.

Also, someone else is going to ask "Why did you isolate the Tuner Out?". Well, here the idea stems from a problem we've experienced with ground loops being created between the pedal board and the amps. Ever plug your board into the front of stage supply and not the same outlet as you amps?

It's more of a precaution than anything and the upside is that this is also a continuous direct output that really can be used for whatever you like such as a recorder or front of house or even another amp. That leads us to another subject. New design that has came as a result of the proto-type.

You'll note that in our proto-type that the tuner is on the side. That's because it's a after thought. Note the printing on the top, the outputs are note labelled to have three plugs side by side. The new design has the tuner on the top row next to the B amp jack. The phase switch moves south to clear the Tuner out.

The next change came from the guy who bought the proto-type. He called back a day later and asked if we could mute the amp outputs for the tuner. Yep, we can add another switch. This will go north of the guitar selector.

This is cool because if you wanted you could run a third amp here and have it on all the time and use the other two as you seen fit. Don't ask about an ABCY switcher. This gets into digital switching and I'm simply not a fan.

Okay, I've said enough. If you want or need something like this, drop us a line. We build these one at a time so you can have it made about any way you like with the above features in mind. If you think of another trick, we'll take a look at that too. You're looking at roughly a $200 pedal pending features.

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