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Uncle Ernie's Effects

The Uncle Ernie's Booster is a transparent and powerful way to make your tube amp just plain kick ass. Whether using this as a way to make your clean channel blast like a Marshall or to punch up an already dirty amp this thing will do it and without ANY coloration of the original guitar tone.

The best way to describe it would be to say it can do mild boost that adds volume without overdrive to just beyond an Angus Young type distortion from a clean tube amp. No clipping diodes, no tone control, no tone filters, just boost. If you try one into your tube amp you'll immediately see the value.

The production models come in a slightly larger box that's mainly deeper. They have a red LED indicator with bezel ring. Also they have a bright switch for those AC-30 type sounds and there is a 2.1mm wall wart. The insides are the best builds to date and tough as nails.

Simple really is best.

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