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This is the BassDriver. It's our first all original design. This is the result of 3 months experimenting to come up with a truly useful and musical distortion that sounds great for Bass and Guitar.

The pedal is a Clean Boost in parallel with an Overdrive. Unlike the mass market versions that have a balance control between them, this pedal has two Volume controls for much greater flexibility and output volume.

Also, the Distortion side has a bit of a bass shunt so the low end doesn't get muddy from the distortion. The Clean side is full range for Bass so you basically blend the two together to have clear lows and singing, sustaining highs.

I also installed a switch to change the clipping from symmetric to asymmetric. Symmetric clipping is a bit harsher than asymmetric. There is also a slight volume loss in asymmetric but there is plenty of total gain and volume to make up this loss.

Basically the Bypass takes the pedal out of the signal path, turns it off. The Distortion switch turns on the distortion side of the pedal. Note that the Boost is always "ON" if the Bypass LED is lit. If you want to have just Distortion, turn the Boost volume down.

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