Udaloff V30 SE Tube Distortion



The V30 SE is a handmade tube Distortion for an electric guitar, based on principles of restriction of a signal. "V30SE" is equipped with three tubes "12AX7", essentially different three types of limitation of a signal (Distortion) and the adjustable passive filter, which is adjusted to limitation of a signal.

These constructive peculiarities allow in details to control and if necessary to accent a timbre of sounding of your electric guitar - from a bright sound of the 1980s up to "dense" modern sounding. Huge in its tonal range and an opportunity of a choice of type of limitation of a signal (Distortion) in a combination with low parameters of noise levels and a background will give necessary open space for creativity.

Assembling of "V30SE" tube Distortion is executed with use of hinged installation, with application of silver wires with phtoroplastic isolation. The frame of "V30SE" is made of 1.5 mm steel.

In the scheme of this device it is not using active filters, that positively affects on a sound. Channels "CRUNCH", "LEAD" and "HI-GAIN" are balanced with each other according to loudness. The scheme is sensitive to the slightest nuances using musical instrument and thus does not change individual character of a sound of your guitar.

Front panel:

  • GAIN - depth of amplification
  • MODE - adjustable passive low frequency filter (6 fixed positions), regulates low frequencies before the limitation of the signal
  • TONE - the passive filter of high frequencies
  • LEVEL - a level of loudness of effect
  • BYPASS - is active, with small sound compensation. Than the signal from a guitar with passive pickups will reach the amplifier without loosing high frequencies.

There are used three different types of limitation of a signal (Distortion) in the scheme of "V30SE":

  • CRUNCH - classical type of tube Distortion

  • LEAD - the Distortion used earlier in a series "T324" - "T325", but in "V30SE" it has other operating mode. Diode indication "CRUNCH" / "LEAD": red color corresponds to "LEAD", green - "CRUNCH"

    On the rear panel, where the jacks for connecting guitar cables are situated, there is also a switch for switching between the limiting modes (hard or soft limiting). This function affects the degree of production of high harmonics, enabling to precisely control the harmonics and to make your guitar sound as expressively as possible. The circuit has some small amendments such as additional passive filtering before the limiting phase and after it.

  • HI - GAIN in essence the new type of tube Distortion, was not used earlier in any serial device construction of a similar class. Constructive peculiarities of the given scheme allows to achieve deeper effect "Distortion" without "blocking effect" of a tube on low frequencies.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impedance : 1M
  • Output Impedance : 50kohm
  • Dimensions of the case: 238 x 154 mm
  • Weight: 2300 gr
  • Weight of a separate power unit: 700 gr

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