Udaloff T-326 Tube Distortion



The T-326 is a tube effect intended for use with the electric guitar. It works using the principle of signal limiting (distortion). This is a universal device allowing your guitar to obtain additional tembre and dynamic nuances.

The scheme of T-325 uses only 2 valves 12AX7 or 6n2p-ev. No chips or transistors are used in this device.

Front panel:

  • GAIN - distortion level
  • BOOST - pre-clipping passive low frequency filter
  • TONE - passive treble filter
  • LEVEL - effect level
  • FOOTSWITCH 1 - switches the effect on and off
  • BYPASS - (cold bypass of the effect), mechanical switching, no electronic switches are used
  • FOOTSWITCH 2 - CRUNCH / DISTORTION mode switch, allows to quickly change the sound character during the playing by activating the additional signal clipping cascade.
  • LED 1 - indication of switching on the effect
  • LED 2 - indication of both CRUNCH and DISTORTION modes, the red light corresponding to the DISTORTION mode, the green light to the CRUNCH mode

On the back panel, where sockets for guitar cable connections are located, there is an additional switch, which adds more gain and brings a little bit more middle frequencies to the sound of the channel.

BOOST regulator adds more gain and regulates amount of low frequencies in the signal before it gets to the clipper stage. Different combinations of the GAIN and BOOST regulators allow to get different sound characters: from the precise and well defined to the tight and fat. BOOST regulator will be also useful for correcting the frequency balance of the guitar pickups, allowing to make "thin" sounding pickups (single-coil) to sound fatter, or, to get focused and precise sound from pickups that sounds too bassy or muddy.

T-326 has wide gain regulation dynamics from clean sound to heavy overdrive and two types of clipping. Application of T-326 isn't restricted by certain music style. Guitarists playing blues or jazz will feel comfort with CRUNCH channel, as it gives wide sound dynamics with soft tone. The LEAD channel will be useful when higher gain levels are needed.

No active filters and frequency-dependent negative feedback elements are used in the circuit of the device, which is good for the sound. The scheme is sensitive to the slightest nuances of playing and at the same time preserve the individual character of your instrument.

The body of T-326 is made of a special grade 1,5-mm stainless steel and has polished surface.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impendance : 910 kOhms
  • Output Impendance : 50 kOhm
  • Dimensions of the case: 164 x 155 mm
  • Weight: 1800 gr
  • Weight of a separate power unit: 600 gr

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