Udaloff T-325 Tube Distortion



The T-325 is a tube effect intended for use with the electric guitar. It works using the principle of signal limiting (distortion). This is a universal device allowing your guitar to obtain additional tembre and dynamic nuances.

The scheme of T-325 uses only 2 valves 12AX7 or 6n2p-ev. No chips or transistors are used in this device.

Front panel:

  • GAIN - distortion level
  • TONE - passive treble filter
  • LEVEL - effect level
  • FOOTSWITCH 1 - switching on/of of the effect
  • BYPASS - (cold bypass of the effect), mechanical switching, no electronic switches are used
  • FOOTSWITCH 2 - switching between CRUNCH and DISTORTION modes enabling to quickly change the characteristics of the sound during the performance
  • LED 1 - indication of switching on the effect
  • LED 2 - indication of both CRUNCH and DISTORTION modes, the red light corresponding to the DISTORTION mode, the green light to the CRUNCH mode

On the rear panel, where the jacks for connecting guitar cables are situated, there is also a switch for switching between the limiting modes (hard or soft limiting). This function affects the degree of production of high harmonics, enabling to precisely control the harmonics and to make your guitar sound as expressively as possible. The circuit has some small amendments such as additional passive filtering before the limiting phase and after it.

The T-325's case is made of a special brand of stainless 1,5-mm thick steel and has polished surface.

The sound of T-325 in some way differs from the sound of T-324 in a way that it has a wider range of low frequencies. The device itself can be used as a preamp in order to obtain clean sound. The GAIN knob makes it possible to control the amplification level in a range from clean sound to hard overdrive.

No frequency-dependent degenerative feedback circuits as well as active filters are used in the scheme of this device, which positively affects the sound. The scheme is sensitive to the least nuances of picking and does not alter the individual character of the sound of your guitar.

The T-325 has bright and transparent sound with good sustain and amplification resource. The T-325 can be used both in traditional music styles (blues) and in the styles with a heavier guitar sound. The T-325 will perfectly sound in the mix, at rehearsals and concerts. With T-325 the sound of your guitar will become alive.

  • Dimensions of the case: 161 x 124 mm
  • Weight: 1500 gr
  • Weight of a separate power unit: 600 gr

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