Udaloff T-324 Tube Distortion



The T-324 is a tube effect intended for use with the electric guitar. It works using the principle of signal limiting (distortion). The scheme of T-324 uses only 2 valves 12AX7 or 6n2p-ev. No chips or transistors are used in this device.

Front panel:

  • GAIN - distortion level
  • TONE - treble control
  • LEVEL - volume control and foot-operated switch of the effect (cold bypass)
  • FOOTSWITCH - switching on/of of the effect
  • BYPASS - (cold bypass of the effect), mechanical switching, no electronic switches are used

This device enables you to achieve the maximum transparent sound possible of your electric guitar preserving dynamics even at high distortion levels. It is very easy to play the guitar using this device even at low distortion levels, because the limiter is assembled using valves, and no elements of frequency-dependent degenerative feedback are present in its circuit, which positevely affects the dynamics of the sound and the process of producing harmonics typical of the valve when the signal is being overdriven.

The T-324's case is made of a special brand of stainless 1,5-mm thick steel and has polished surface. T-324 is a device intended for the guitarists who like the proper classical mid-ranged guitar sound, the abundance of high harmonics, transparency and the energy present in the sound of each note longing to break free.

  • Dimensions of the case: 162 x 135 mm
  • Weight: 1700 gr
  • Weight of a separate power unit: 600 gr


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