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Meticulously reverse engineered from Ed Kueppers original '73/74 Distortion + that was used to record the (I'm) Stranded album in 1976 and using ceramic and tant caps like the original. This reproduction also uses rare NOS 1N276 diodes just like Ed's original. 

When Ed and I started talking about doing this project it was clear that this year is the 40th anniversary of the recording of (I'm) Stranded so the idea seemed obvious.

There are 40 of these (Tym) Stranded pedals to be released on August 1st*, which was the "approximate" release date of the (I'm) Stranded 7", reverse engineered from Ed's original vintage unit and endorsed by Ed to celebrate this landmark event. 

Each pedal has artwork by Tony Giacca, featuring a map of Petrie Terrace, the inner city suburb that featured the Saints venue, the 76 Club and the house where Ed scrawled "(I'm) Stranded. The Saints" in red paint across the wall above a fire place. 

Controls are simple. Volume and Demolition.

Each pedal comes in a hand made wooden box with a serial numbered booklet signed by Ed with proceeds from the pedal going towards a special Ed Kuepper project to be announced later this year. 

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