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The Tym Murderess was designed in conjunction with Kim Salmon to replicate that scientists' twin fuzz sound that has become the blueprint for so much great music.

This is a transistor fuzz with one silicon diode clipping stage using carefully selected high gain silicon transistors with two stomp switches.

Plug your guitar into the Murderess and step on the LEADFOOT and you get the thin "60's" fuzz tone with controls for SOLID (volume), GOLD (tone) and HELL (gain). It's a buzzsaw fuzz that can be shaped with the GOLD control and wound up to squealing proportions with the HELL control. Then, when the time is right, step on the SWAMP switch and bring the huge (HUGE) bottom end, thick, sludgy F U Z Z into action.

The effect will self oscillate with everything on full.

Artwork is by Kim Salmon himself and laid out by Joe Presedo who played guitar in the Scientists in London in the mid 80's.

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