Tym Guitars Fuzz Munchkin - J. Mascis' Ram's Head Muff clone



  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Sustain
  • Bypass (footswitch)
  • Effect (footswitch)


Tym Guitars

This is a limited edition clone of J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr's fuzz pedal. Reverse engineered from J's original pedal and built here at Tym guitars by hand it is endorsed and used by J. These are exact clones of this famous pedal and uses the exact component values and transistors as is in J's original. Sounding somewhere between a Ramhead and a version 3 with more “clarity” this will get you closer than any other pedal on the market to the live Dinosaur Jr sound.

The Tym Fuzz Munchkin also has the added advantage of a a “bypass” switch which will give you J's rhythm and lead sound, in one pedal. Comes in a new Tym stainless steel enclosure with custom artwork designed by J Mascis and Tym guitars. Limited to 300 units worldwide and available ONLY through Tym guitars.

“Tym tried to harness my sound in a little a box and I think he's got it. Step on the Fuzz Munchkin for a good time. Dial down the volume for cleaned up rhythm then hit the bypass switch and the flood gates are open, the volume control disappears, all sanity disappears, its just searing lead tone cranked all the way up.  So now if your sound sucks you must lay blame somewhere else, your amp, your pickups, your fingers, but don't blame the Fuzz Munchkin.”
-- J Mascis

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