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The Mosrite Fuzzrite is a GREAT little Fuzz pedal that was designed and built by Ed Sanner in 1965 for Mosrite of California and has become a much loved (and copied) fuzz. It’s a fairly simple 2 transistor fuzz with gain and volume controls.

This is a copy of the second version Fuzzrite. My personal favorite using 2 silicon transistors. I think the original germanium version is too “dark” and muddy but then I personally don’t like many germanium fuzzes. These are built on my Tym designed PCB’s using high quality components and Switchcraft jacks.

This is a nasty little 60's fuzz that I put squarely in what I call the “sausage sizzle” type fuzz. Not much bottom end but still good for chords and great for lead (see the Ventures, Iron Butterfly).

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