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This is a handmade germanium OD/Fuzz I've made to help guitarist and legend Spencer P Jones out with medical bills. This is an asymmetrical clipping circuit with plenty of gain on tap. The SPJ knob is the volume and works as normal. The All The Way knob is the gain and works anti-clockwise with gain coming in quickly and then adds more sustain. 

These are full sounding fuzz with a flat mid response and lower output than my Big Mud series but well above unity. Check my blog for more details. Limited edition of 10 only. $200 from each pedal goes to Spencer.

My designs are inspired by the classic old units but with modern components and appointments and many options like true bypass or non-true-bypass switching, LED's, added "active" tone controls, boosts and "Boss" compatible 9-volt adapters. NONE of my pedals use batteries.

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