Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Clean - Dual-Channel Tube Preamp


Two Notes Audio Engineering

The Le Clean, Le Crunch, Le Lead and Le Bass preamp pedals cover every tonal base possible, while still remaining compact enough to fit on your pedalboard, giving you total freedom on the go, while taking your tone to the next level.

Shared Features for all pedals include True High Voltage Design, running 200 volts to preserve the interaction of you and your guitar while playing nice with anything else you have on your pedalboard. Chanel A & B are independent, each having their own voicing and EQ. Exclusive Fusion technology allows blending of both channels:

Cold Fusion allows for Channels A & B to output in Parallel, allowing you to blend the balance of both channels how you want. Hot Fusion cascades Channels A & B, allowing you to use Channel A to boost Channel B, while having both channel EQs to shape the resulting tone.

Le Clean

Le Clean lets you experience classic, Southern California tube amps in all shades of Brown, Black and Silver. Channel A is pure and ultra clean. Channel B lets you take a classic, sweet overdrive with you as you cruise down Highway 61.

Le Crunch

Le Crunch lets you combine all of the classic British amps that defined rock n’ roll in the ’60s. Channel A has a clean, throaty voice that takes you to plexi heaven. Channel B pushes that tone even further, putting on a schoolboy outfit and screaming “let there be rock”!

Le Lead

Le Lead takes you from the the 70s rock tones and into fusion and metal territory. Channel A can go from clean breakup to slight crunch for you neck pickup-based blues. Channel B releases modern, super tight metal tones.

Le Bass

Le Bass is the ultimate bass guitar preamp for the modern age. Channel A is for ultra-fast, responsive and clean playing. Channel B tips its hat to the very foundation of bass guitar tones with solid punch and sweet break up. With Cold and Hot Fusion, you can take the stage with a classic bass tone or cover synth-like tones at the touch of a button.


  • All pedals have advanced routing capabilities, and players of all levels will find exactly what they need, with no fuss or hassle:
  • True Bypass with unbalanced 1/4? input/output
  • Balanced DI output with Ground Lift
  • Headphone output
  • Post EQ FX Loop
  • Thru Output to feed a secondary amplifier
  • MIDI In/Out to use pedal as a controller (for example with our C.A.B. pedal) or to be controlled by another device

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