TwinStomp Active A/B-Y



If you’ve tried running two amps from one guitar you will have encountered the signal losses and noise problems from splitting the guitar output signal in two.

TwinStomp ACTIVE A/B-Y pedal is the solution guitarists are looking for. The pedal has a little clean boost, just enough to compensate for losses, and one output channel is isolated (no nasty earth loop noise problems). The pedal gives professional studio grade rack equipment performance without the expense or clutter.

It allows you to use two different amps with ease.

Channel volume controls allow level balancing, and LEDs tell you which amp is in use or in standby.

Retains the unique design features of the TwinStomp BOOSTER.

A TwinStomp ACTIVE A/B-Y can be used with any of your effects and works great with one or even two TwinStomp BOOSTERS.

Guitarists are finding the ACTIVE A/B-Y opens up a whole new range of possibilities for what can be done with their existing gear.

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