Totally Wycked Audio


Totally Wycked Audio (TWA for short) is a division of Godlyke, Inc. It is located in Clifton, NJ in the main office of Godlyke.

Timeline (by Kevin Bolembach)

  • Winter NAMM 2009 - debuted the TWA Little Dipper
  • Winter NAMM 2010 - debuted the TWA Triskelion
  • February, 2010 - Dweezil Zappa contacted us to get some Triskelions
  • June, 2010 - met DZ @ a show in NY, got some photos and saw how he was using the Triskelions
  • Winter NAMM 2011 - debuted the TWA Great Divide

We're a fairly young company, so not too much has happened so far with the brand - we're taking it slow and steady and looking to expand TWA more as time goes on. However, we are also very busy with our other brands and products, so it's a balancing act to service all of them properly and keep everything rolling...

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