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The Button is a tube powered overdrive guitar and bass pedal. The first thing you will notice about The Button is the feel. Unlike most pedals today, The Button is created from thick-gauge cold rolled steel. On this shining slab of metal, a beautiful layer of metallic red powdercoat is added to give The Button an impermeable finish that will last through hundreds of the toughest gigs.

The Button is a true bypass device. Using a quality DPDT push-button switch and Hi-Definition Mogami audio cable, The Button is absolutely transparent.

When you activate the overdrive circuit, you will be rewarded with deep, rich distortion that can only come from a vacuum tube operating at full voltage. The 12AX7 in The Button is not for show like many other pedals. Wall wart free, the built-in power supply applies 254V DC B+ voltage to the plate of the tube. This yields a tone that is full and rich with harmonics. Try that with a transistor pedal.

The Button is manufactured at the headquarters in Memphis, TN. Each pedal is handmade, serialized and signed by the technician that assembles The Button.

  • LxWxH = 4.62" x 5.32" x 1.72"
  • Weight = 2.3 Lb.
  • Cord Length = 9 Feet

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