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Tube Amp Doctor

The power-booster featuring the great "BALLS" control for tone control and the outstanding "Range"-Effect.

WARNING: you might become addicted to the RangeKing™

How does the RangeKingTM boost work?

The RangeKingTM gets connected between your guitar and amp. If switched on, it boosts the signal into the amp. Gain can be adjusted with the "GAIN" control to overdrive any amp. Use the BALLS control to adjust bass response for desired level and keep it controllable and tight. Switched "OFF" (hardwire bypass!) you could set up a great big clean tone. Switched "ON" you can achieve a punchy, raw crunch and natural overdrive tone from your amp. The RangeKingTM itself does not influence the tone of your signal; instead it forces your amp to give you natural overdrive distortion giving you excellent tone.

What is the "Range"-Effect?

When playing distorted with the RangeKingTM switched on, you can turn back the VOLUME pot of the guitar to reduce distortion without really reducing the volume. In other words: the volume pot of the guitar does control the distortion level. But if the volume control gets turned down far enough to achieve clean tones then it starts to reduce volume also. Of course the RangKingTM works with all tube amps but especially with amps having a great clean tone. Here the RangeKingTM allows the flexibility of channel switching amps. It keeps the original tonal characteristics of your amp true to your original signal.


  • GAIN Control (max. 25dB bei 1kHz)
  • BALLS Control for bass
  • Control-LED
  • Hardware Bypass
  • Premium footswitch
  • jack for external 9VDC power supply (tip: ground, sleeve: 9VDC)
  • 9V battery included
  • Made in Germany

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