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Have you ever wanted the warmth of a tube pre-amp, with the punch and clarity of a solid-state boost. Well how about getting the best of both worlds without the tube, but with all of the warm full frequency tone boost that your heart desires! The Booster Shot is a full frequency tone boost that is sooo good that it is designed to be left on all the time. You can use it like a classic clean boost, for boosting leads, or giving your rhythm a push, but once you turn it on, I have no doubt you won’t want to turn it off. This is a super clean boost, so don’t expect pushed gain out of it. We are including a Guitar/Bass switch, which will give you full frequency voicing for guitar in the up position and bass in the down position. So many boosts leave out bass frequencies so I know with the booster shot, we haven’t left any one out in terms of clean boost and full frequency tone enhancement. The Booster Shot works best post-gain and requires voltage to be regulated at 9V to sound optimal, any other voltage will sound really bad, and as such this pedal will never come with a battery snap option. Inject some life back into your tone and get the Booster Shot!

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