TSVG Hard Stuff Boost



The TSVG Hard Stuff is designed as pre-amp clean boost pedal.  Use it to add transparent boost to your guitar signal while also adding some shimmer and sparkle to the high end.  Turn up the boost knob and push your tube amp into face melting overdrive.  The TSVG Hard Stuff is a perfect “always on” pedal or great for adding that extra push you need for leads.  The sound produced by the TSVG Hard Stuff clean boost pedal is pretty cut and dry. It is not a distortion pedal, so it will not distort your signal. It will, however, do a wonderful job of pushing your tubes into overdrive or boosting your clean signal without any coloration.  Your tone will never be the same.

The TSVG Hard Stuff is built by hand in Philadelphia, PA with hand-picked and matched components.

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