Tsakalis Audio Works Crown - British Style Overdrive


Tsakalis Audio Works

Crown is a pedal that mimics the sounds of the "British school" amps!  From a clean Plexi and AC, to rich and full detailed JMC overdrive tones. Ideal for boost a British amp to get crunch tone at lower level, or giving that British tone to every amp!

"Color" is a very powerful control offers a useful range of sounds. With this control you can go through a range of British style amps, but also to match the pedal between different guitars and amps. Combining with the "Drive" control you have unlimited "sweet spots"!

There is more! You have the ability to “modify” the “amp” you just select! Give bass and body from “fat” toggle switch, and more gain and punch from "hot" toggle switch.


  • 100% Handmade
  • Tube Amp Style Hand Wiring (TASHW)
  • True Bypass
  • Big range of British style sounds
  • FAT switch for bass & body
  • HOT switch for punch and bite
  • 1 Heavy Duty Footswitch for enable / disable the pedal
  • Internal 9V battery clip
  • Power supply : regulated 9-12V DC (center -)
  • Max power consumption : 2,1mA @ 9V DC
  • Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box
  • Dimensions : 112mm(Width) x 60mm(Depth) x 31mm(Height)

 "Any trademarks attributed that are not owned by Tsakalis AudioWorks, are for demonstrative purposes only, and are property of their respective owners"

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