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A hand-made recreation of the famous Vox Tonebender from 1966 that Jimmy Page made famous with the Yardbirds and Zeppelin, the Zoso Fuzz by Tru-Fi can deliver the fuzzy goods. We used painstaking determination to recreate the original Tonebender but shrank to it approximately 1/2 it's size. In today's world where pedalboard real estate is so hard to come by, no one wants to put a huge fuzz box on it! These custom made enclosures look cool, have that retro and vintage vibe, and do NOT take up much space.

The circuit is the same as the original Tonebender but with an adjustable bias resistor so you can make sure you have the perfect tone. Or you can change the bias and dial in that 60's cheese-fuzz sound and much more. In the circuit, built Point to Point, only the finest retro components are used: Mullard fish caps, Mullard load caps, brown resistors, and retro transistors.

Of course, the Tru-Fi Zoso Fuzz is true bypass, sports LED, and comes in a cool cigar box!

Made in the USA!

Musictoyz mailing (November 8, 2013)

Tru-Fi finally after 2 years has shipped us the first batch of Zosa Fuzz's. These are the coolest new vintage pedals made with Mullard OC75 or OC81 trannies, old school caps, old school custom enclosure.

The Suppa Fuzz is next and the Park Fuzz will be here before the Holiday!! COOOOOOOOOL and price not to shabby !

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