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The Long Awaited Floyd Fuzz by Tru-Fi is here. Our take off on the famous and inspiring Big Muff is now available in 5 versions, ALSO 7 various colors. We went one step further and now have two plaques for you to choose from, so our vision of a totally custom built pedal is here. You can have the red/white or black/silver.....look at the pictures! 

The Floyd Fuzz comes from Pink Floyd and the most famous Big Muff user David Gilmour. He is a legendary player and tone master with his use of various Big Muff's versions in his career. We have painstakingly taken the time to find the right transistor for the period on each of the versions. As we get more into this will have videos on each version for further aural description. 

NOTE: YOU ORDER ONE VERSION THE PEDAL DOES NOT DO 5 VERSIONS! - you can order multiple pedals we do like that wink! 

The Original Tri-Angle Muff had a sweeter tinge lower gain sound but still classic Muff, the RAMs Head was the 70s hotter version, the Creamy Dreamer was nasty version built by a builder in the late 90s.

The Red Army and Russian Muff will come in Army Green with BLACK KNOBS if you desire, and have the classic 80s Muff sound

Swirl and Chrome cost you a tinge mor $20 - Now these are being released this week, Tru-Fi is built to order so right now be patient guys. I would say 7-10 day wait time.

The come in the classic Tru-Fi wooden cigar box. Let's GO! 

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