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The Blue Angel is a stereo-capable analog chorus pedal.

An analog chorus pedal typically works by taking a delayed version of the input signal and then mixing it back into the original signal. The result is an effect which sounds as if there is more than one instrument playing simultaneously—it provides that sort of "thickening" effect heard on many songs in modern music.

The Blue Angel was borne out of dissatisfaction with other chorus pedals on the market. We felt that most—if not all—of these effects were lacking in one way or another, and it was this realization that drove us to create the Blue Angel. The difference between this pedal and the others on the market is simple: The Blue Angel sounds cleaner, more transparent, and has a greater audio presence than its competitors. During pre-production testing, one reviewer summed it up best when he said, "The Blue Angel is not a chorus pedal; it is the chorus pedal."

While chorus pedals are typically thought of as guitar pedals, we encourage bassists to try the Blue Angel, whether for Cure-like sparkling notes or to create a rush of notes booming from your amp.

And the Blue Angel chorus pedal makes for a great tool in the studio, adding effects to virtually any instrument. The only limit is your imagination.

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