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The Classy Lady is a tribute to the classic TS-808 Tube Screamer, and to Jack Orman’s Son of Screamer.

Arguably one of the most versatile and popular pedals of all time, the Tube Screamer is known for its tube like breakup, while retaining the clarity of the original signal. This pedal gives you the grit without ever getting muddy, even when playing chords.  While the TS sounds great as-is, it is known to be killer when used to drive the front end of a tube amp to give additional saturation and sustain to your lead tones. It can clean up with the volume knob of your guitar to give jangly rhythm tones too.

The Classy Lady builds on the original by simplifying the circuit, and adding asymmetrical clipping to give an even more natural, sparkling sound and pleasing harmonics. The tone control has been tweaked to give greater range – from cutting treble boosting to smooth lead sounds. With true bypass switching, this Lady will not interfere with your tone when switched off.

Truly a classic, the Classy Lady demands a home in every user’s arsenal.


  • Handmade in Canada – one at a time
  • Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Rugged Powder coat Finish
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • 2.1mm (Boss Style) DC power jack – Negative ground for easy daisy-chaining
  • Filtered Power Supply for quiet operation
  • Circuit Protection
  • True Mechanical Bypass Switching
  • Unbelievably amazing tone


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Drive

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