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T-Rex press release

August 1st, 2011 – T-Rex Engineering, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, in partnership with Guitar Center’s Director of Merchandise, Barry Mitchell, has developed a new line of pedals which will be available exclusively at Guitar Center stores and online at www.guitarcenter.com. The four exclusive pedals will be introduced in Q3 2011, beginning with the Yellow Drive distortion pedal in August.

“This partnership with Guitar Center is a very exciting opportunity for T-Rex and reinforces our position as a key brand in the global pedal market,” says John Kelley, GM of Musiquip (the brand’s American distributor). “We’re thrilled that GC has identified the demand that exists for T-Rex effects in the USA, and has in turn made the brand a key component of their pedal mix. Barry’s visit to T-Rex headquarters in Denmark was an instrumental part of the product development process. We are confident that the association of these two best-in-class brands will be a success for both Guitar Center and T-Rex.”

Yellow Drive will be featured in Guitar Center’s August buyer’s guide. The Yellow Drive features two channels of killer vintage gain. You can seamlessly switch between a clean rhythm sound from your amp, a smooth and subtle overdrive from channel A for epic ballads, and a thick warm distortion from channel B for killer leads. The player can fine-tune the sound of each channel with independent GAIN, TONE, and LEVEL controls. One pedal, two channels...endless possibilities.


When you want to get down, get YELLOW

Most guitarists know how complicated it can be to switch between clean, crunchy and distorted sounds on stage. If you set your amp to a crunchy sound and use a distortion pedal for solos, you don’t have a clean option. If you run you amp clean and use a distortion pedal for solos, the only way to back down from full distortion is to lower the volume on your guitar – and lose most of your tone.

Meet the T-Rex Yellow Drive

The T-Rex Yellow Drive solves this problem by giving you two separate channels of vintage T-Rex gain. Two channels means you can easily switch between a clean sound from your amp, a nice edgy overdrive from Channel A on your Yellow Drive and a thick warm distortion from Yellow Drive’s Channel B. It’s like having two pedals in one – and it gives you total control over your sound.

New tone controls

With the T-Rex Yellow Drive, total control runs deep. Of course you can set the amount of gain for each channel (the gain level for Channel B picks up where Channel A leaves off), but you also get pair of individually tuned tone controls – one for each channel – so you shape the timbre of your overdrive and your distortion to create your own signature sound.

We believe the T-Rex Yellow Drive is the best-sounding, most versatile boutique distortion pedal you’ll find anywhere. But don’t take our word for it. Try one today at your local Guitar Center!

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