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You're too good to be buried in the mix...

You know the problem... When it’s time for you launch into another brilliant solo, how do you make yourself heard above the rest of the band?

Basically, you’ve got to turn up the volume, but that’s easier said than done. You can keep the volume knob on your guitar down when you’re playing rhythm and turn it up for leads – but that takes half the tone and all the shine out of your rhythm sound.

Or you can turn around and crank up your amp in the middle of the song – missing bars, losing your audience and – let’s face it – usually forgetting to turn it down again when your solo is over.

Introducing T-Rex Booster

Booster is the perfect solution when you want to turn your volume up or down on the fly – without losing your tone. The way it works couldn’t be simpler: You set the right volume for your solos compared to rhythm parts, and then you stomp on the box when you take a solo.

Added SCOOP control

Sometimes, tweaking your equalization can also help you rise above the rest of the band. That’s why Booster comes with a cool SCOOP knob, which lets you fine-tune your solo tone in addition to boosting your volume.

Part of the T-Rex Tonebug series

Booster is part of the T-Rex Tonebug series, a growing line of pedals that combines the classic T-Rex tone found in our high-end pedals with intuitive, uncomplicated controls – all at a price that any guitarist can afford.

Once you’ve give Booster a try, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add one to your pedal board.


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