T-Rex Replicator - Tap Tempo Tape Delay



2 changes between NAMM 2015 and Musikmesse 2015:

  • At NAMM there was only 1 expression input (labeled "expression"), at Musikmesse there were 2 expression inputs (for speed and feedback).
  • Also new is a "kill dry" button on the back.


While the quality of tape delay emulators has come a long way, nothing beats the sound of a genuine magnetic tape delay. The REPLICATOR is a pure analog tape delay, handmade in Denmark. It features two playback heads (one tap-tempo controllable, one independently bypassable), and uses a durable C30 1/8" chrome tape cassette for a long life and very easy replacement.


  • Delay level: Adjusts the level of the two playback heads
  • Feedback: Adjusts the amount of feedback on both delays, reaching self-oscillation
  • Delay Time: Adjusts the delay time from 8 ms to 3 seconds; tempo can be tapped (does not apply to Head 2)
  • Master Boost: Go from unity gain to +20dB boost for overall volume boosts
  • Chorus: Built-in tape modulation; varies the tape speed in very small amounts, resulting in pitch modulation of the delays
  • Saturation: Drives the Record head into saturation (led peak indication)
  • On/Off switches for: Tap, Chorus, Heads & Master On/Off (true hardwire bypass)
  • Kill Dry switch (for parallel loop)
  • Input/Output jacks
  • Two Expression Pedal inputs
  • Includes 24V DC external power supply


  • Record-, playback- and erase heads, for true analog tape echoes 2 playback heads: One is tap-tempo controllable, one is independently bypass-able. Both will be off when the pedal is bypassed
  • Head2's delay time is dependant on the tape speed (delay time) and its effect on the sound varies with the delay time
  • Easy tape cassette replacement (unscrew, pull the lever, take out casette, replace).
  • 24VDC powered, for really high headroom. (In excess of +20dBu)
  • True 85KHz, 60V bias oscillator to ensure pre-magnetization of the tape
  • C30 1/8” chrome tape for extra long life
  • All analog signal path
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 235 x 65 x 162 mm

T-Rex: specifications

  • Dimensions: 235mm x 70mm x 173mm (9,25” x 2,75” x 6,8”)
  • Input impedance @ 1KHz: >450K
  • Output impedance @ 1KHz: <25K
  • Power supply: 24VDC, center negative.
  • Current draw @ 24VDC: 300mA
  • Max. input signal: 7,8V p-p (+11dBu)
  • External connectors: Input, feedback, speed, output, 24VDC jack
  • Controls: Master level, chorus, saturate, delay level, feedback, delaytime, on/off , heads, chorus, tap



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