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T-Rex Engineering

The breakthrough T-Rex Engineering PolySwitch AB is a true hardwire stereo A-B switch. PolySwitch AB is the solution for guitarists who want to route their signal to 2 different setups—even in stereo—and easily switch between them.

Not only does the T-Rex PolySwitch AB let you split your stereo signal and switch between outputs, it also works "backwards," letting you run 2 separate stereo instruments into a single amplifier or other signal destination. And with every input and output available in stereo, PolySwitch AB is a great solution for keyboardists and anyone who needs to route a stereo signal to 2 destinations or 2 stereo signals to a single stereo in.

PolySwitch AB is specially engineered to protect the natural integrity of your sound all the way through the signal path. The T-Rex PolySwitch AB's true hardwire signal routing, top-grade electronics, and a built-in buffer switch for low-level signals from long cables ensure that you don't lose a single ounce of your precious tone.

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