T-Rex Fuel Tank Juicy Lucy



Juicy Lucy is the latest member of our family of FuelTank power supplies. It has 5 isolated 12-volt outputs and a full set of standard and customised power cables. FuelTank Juicy Lucy will power every T-Rex pedal you own - and then some. Juicy Lucy has been tested in a lab and has all the approvals you need.

Each of Juicy Lucy's 5 isolated outputs delivers 300 mA of 12-volt power - which is enough to keep even the most demanding T-Rex pedals pumping out the tone. But what if a pedal - say our tube-driven Room Mate reverb - wants even more power to deliver its exquisite sound? Juicy Lucy is happy to oblige - with a Current Doubler that lets you combine 2 outputs to deliver a staggering 600 mA of power. Like everything we make, Juicy Lucy is built from the ground up to deliver the tone - your tone.

Juicy Lucy comes with all the cables you need to power your pedals and keep your board clutter-free. You get 5 short cables (25 cm) and 5 long ones (50 cm), as well as 2 customised cables that let you get even more out of your power supply. A special Current Doubler cable lets you combine 2 outputs to generate a staggering 600 mA of 12-volt power, while the link cables lets you power up to 5 60-mA pedals off a single Juicy Lucy output.

Did we mention isolated outputs? Yes we did - and for a good reason. Isolated grounding eliminates ground loops that can result in noisy hum that gets in the way of your T-Rex tone. So Juicy Lucy not only delivers lots of power, it also makes sure that power is clean and quiet. And that means you sound more like you - with no hum or electrical interference.

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