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If you were stranded on a desert island (with your guitar and amp, of course) and could only have one effects pedal with you, what would it be?

Tough question? Well not anymore, because the new Fat Shuga from T-Rex Effects gives you not just an effect, but the very essence of vintage in one little box.

Start with some cream

At its heart, Fat Shuga is an incredibly warm tubey-sounding boost pedal that lets you decide just how much overdrive cream you want to lay on top of your clean sound. It's never too much—the "shuga" is designed to enhance your tone, not drown it. But it sounds so good, you'll want to make the cream a permanent part of your sonic arsenal.

Now add your room (or hall)

So you've got the heart of vintage—a gorgeous tubey sound with just the right amount of overdrive cream. Now all you need is some classic ambience to create the right setting. Fat Shuga delivers this in abundance with a gorgeous-sounding built-in reverb. Add a touch of room or hall ambiance, and feel the magic kick in, bringing your tone to life and recapturing everything that's best about the pre-digital world.

Compact, rugged design

Stranded as you are on a desert island (or on stage, or in the van on your way to a gig, or in the studio...), you'll want to be sure you can depend on your stompbox, no matter what kind of stormy conditions arise. Fat Shuga is a compact, but ruggedly built unit that can withstand just about anything you can throw at it.

So visit your local music store today and take Fat Shuga for a spin.

Trust us: You won't leave the store without one.

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