T-Rex Emmie - Delay Boost





  • Delay and boost in one pedal
  • Clean boost with adjustable volume
  • Two modes (normal/boost)
  • Old school, vintage vibe delay sounds
  • Cool and small “solo” pedal

And they say big things don’t come in small packages…

You’ll think again when you’ve heard EMMIE, a new combination delay and boost effect from European boutique pedal manufacturer T-Rex Effects.

What’s the big deal?

EMMIE is big in two ways. First, it delivers the best-sounding, fully adjustable delay you’re likely to hear outside a million-dollar studio. A delay that amplifies your impact by stretching it out over time and space.

It’s also big because a built-in signal booster lifts your sound straight out of the mix and towards the stratosphere whenever you kick your EMMIE into gear. But of course you can choose whether to add boost or not. It’s totally up to you.

Little green giant

While EMMIE sounds enormous, it comes in a mini-stomp-box size, making it perfect for players who want to stay agile and light when they’re on stage. Sure, you can add it to any effects board. But if you prefer a cleaner setup on stage, this dual-effect unit stays right out of your way.

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