T-Rex Dr. Swamp



T-Rex about v1 (2004-2007)

It has that rich vintage sound, T-Rex is known for. Besides the warm crunchy sound, this pedal gives a lot of steady bottom.

You can flip back and forth between the two gain settings A and B - by clicking switch A or B. The lid (A or B) is indicating the active gain. The pedal is turned off, by clicking the switch (A or B) that is lid.

T-Rex about v2

T-Rex Engineering is pleased to announce a new version of our renowned Dr Swamp distortion pedal - now raised to the second power.

With two Dr Swamps in a single pedal, you can toggle between your favourite Dr Swamp settings to deliver two brands of sweet T-Rex distortion without tweaking any knobs.

Start out with a great chunky rhythm sound - warm and bassy, but with a nice crisp edge. Then, when it's solo time, kick your Dr Swamp in to high gear to deliver a gorgeous, searing lead sound that'll take your playing to new heights.

If you like a cleaner rhythm sound, then reserve the two channels of your Dr Swamp for two different lead settings - a more restrained classic blues sound, for example, and a High Voltage rock-and-roll scream. No matter how you choose to set it up, the new Dr Swamp twin distortion will always give you more. T-Rex tone Dr Swamp gives you twice the distortion - and twice the legendary T-Rex tone. Designed to deliver the rich warmth that we felt was missing from other pedals on the market; Dr Swamp has become a standard-setter for tone in distortion.

Try it, and you'll find it's the pedal you've been waiting for - incredible twin distor-tion in a single stomp box.

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