T-Rex 8 Ball - T-Rex 20th Anniversary



Dual-octave pedal for electric guitar and bass

  • Super-fast accurate tracking with no feel of latency
  • Dual channel configuration to toggle between two different octave settings (octave up and down for each channel)
  • Polyphonic pitch detection (enables chord playing)
  • Controls: hi octave A & B controls (octave up) - lo octave A & B controls (octave down) - global dry/wet mix control (analog dry signal)
  • Footswitches: On/Off - Channel A/B
  • Current draw: 145 mA
  • Powered by a 9V battery or a 9VDC power supply (barrel type connector - centre negative, not included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 55 x 120 mm (3,94 x 2,17 x 4,72 inches)
  • Weight: 347 g (0,77 lbs)

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