Traves Puke - Treble Booster



Puke is a germanium boost based on the well known 60's treble booster.

It utilises a CV7004 (OC45) NOS germanium transistor.

The pedal has no DC adaptor jack and is 9v battery powered only.This type of circuit has quite a long battery life and traditionally doesn't behave well with external power supplies.

There is a toggle to switch between tonal range settings. 

  • HI : Traditional Treble booster setting.
  • MID : More mid range focus.
  • FULL : A deeper full range boost.

The control knob reaches unity gain at around 12 o'clock depending on the range setting selected.This is not a clean boost, adding a bit of 'break-up' as the gain is increased. It works best as it interacts with a valve amp adding drive, sustain and focus and is usually positioned last in line into the amp.

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