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Here is a representation of a 70's fuzz pedal. Trachouse has taken great care in duplicating the 70's sound by using the 2n3904 silicon transistors vs. the germanium transistors.

In the 70's germanium transistors were used and were readily available. At that time it was not hard to find matching transistors at a low cost. As time went on the availability of matching transistors became scarce or hard to find, so silicon transistors replaced the germanium transistors.

Trachouse pedals uses high quality silicon transistors and hand wire every pedal, test and actually play the pedal to make sure the pedal meets my standards.

Artist like Clapton and Hendrix, used the basic fuzz designs. I would venture to say that they did not use off of the shelf pedals. I would think that their sound technician modified the pedals in some degree for sure (my opinion).

The 70's fuzz is a simple design. Trachouse doesn't try to complicate things. I use the basic fuzz layout using 4 resistors, 3 capacitors, volume pot, gain pot, and the 2 silicon transistors. Trachouse Pedals took a lot of time to match and select the resistors, capacitors, pots, etc. that give the pedals what I here at Trachouse consider the 70's sound.

Of course boutique pedal builders have an opinion on how they feel a fuzz pedal should sound. I believe the 70's sound is captured in the craftsman ship of the Trachouse Fuzz Pedal.

And as a final note, my pedals are quiet and true bypass.

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