Trachouse Pedals Looper


Trachouse Pedals

Hand build looper by DA electronics (Trachouse Pedals).

I make my own pedals with lots of care and take my time with them. Advantages and specs of my pedals:

  • Hand Made/ True Bypass Switching ( Absolutely no tone sucking)
  • Point to Point Soldering
  • Blue (bright) LED light
  • Made with high quality components.
  • Comes with 9 volt battery snap (battery not included) and 9 volt ac/dc jack. (so if you want to scale down your effects board for smaller gigs you can use the battery hookup to save on adapter space on your small board)
  • Also you can use the DAlooper for a tune mute. Just run the Dalooper in your chain of effects and go out of the send to a tuner. That way you can tune your guitar without having to let the Clubs hear you.
  • Point to point wiring with pop circuitry.
  • Very heavy duty for giging !!!!

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