T-Pedals Watt-Drive



High Power overdrive

How many times Overdrive pedals promises warm and "tube alike" sounds but offers only an over-compressed and muddy midrange distortion that covers the guitar's character?

The Watt-drive starts from a different overdrive concept: extreme dynamic, strong attack, clear and huge sound from deep bass to high frequencies. The boost footswitch enable more distortion and volume. The boost knob is a pre-distortion eq control that goes from bass-boost to linear to treble-boost.

Like a big 100w stack played at high volume, it sound very powerful and reactive, with a smooth transition from a transparent boost to a real overdrive.


  • FET & germanium diodes overdrive circuit (no IC)
  • Point-to-point construction, 100% made in Italy
  • Switchcraft USA made jacks
  • Alpha Potentiometers
  • Silent true bypass switching
  • 9 volt battery or external adapter power supply
  • Bright white and red led indicator
  • High quality glossy painted in dark grey

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