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Before overdrive, distortion, "Turbo", "Valve", "Tube" ... there was fuzz. Albums that have shaped the history of rock only used a fuzz.

The T-Fuzz combines the transparency of the best overdrives and the dynamic aggressiveness of a vintage fuzz.

Gain control with a big travel, which allows a gradual transition from clean to crunch to boost to killer distortion.

The sound of the guitar and the guitarist's touch are excited and thanks to the great dynamics of T-Fuzz you can go from clean to distorted by simply using the volume of the guitar.

The tone control is bypassable, for total transparency.


  • 2 different selectable distortions
  • bypassable Tone control
  • Switchcraft jacks Made in USA
  • "Full Size" Alpha Potentiometers
  • Noiseless True Bypass switching
  • Power supply with 9V battery or Boss type AC/DC adapter
  • Wooden base with non-slip rubber feet
  • High brightness red LED
  • NOS germanium transistor Circuit assembled "point-to-point"
  • Built entirely by hand in Italy
  • Shiny black or silver paint


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