T-Pedals Strobot



Tremolo / Vibrato + Modulator

Intense and psychedelic Tremolo / Vibrato inspired by the tremolo-repeat effects of the 60s.

Modulation effect inserted in parallel with the tremolo/vibrato for sounds from outer space.

Thanks to the circuit with discrete components you can get a very deep modulation with very low background noise.

The "Strobot" footswitch leads you to extreme modulation speed and depth and allows you to alternate between this speed and the speed controlled by the knob.


  • 2 speed ranges selectable
  • Switch tremolo / vibrato
  • Switchcraft jacks made in USA
  • Full size Alpha Potentiometers
  • True bypass switching noise
  • Powered by a 9V battery or adapter type BOSS
  • Wooden base with non-slip rubber feet
  • High power led
  • Circuit with silicon transistors assembled with NOS parts and point-to-point techniques
  • Built entirely by hand in Italy
  • 220 euros including VAT and shipping

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