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The reincarnation of the Dallas Rangemaster!

The OC44 germanium transistor "New Old Stock" is the basis of the circuit for the Overboost and allows you to "paint" the timbre (tone) of any instrument: electric / acoustic guitar, bass, synths, drum machines...

Easy to use: a volume control and a switch to select between modes: treble boost or bass boost.

The treble booster is perfect as a boost for solos, it increases the presence of medium and high frequencies with a very sweet musical caracter.

The huge bass boost makes the guitar more subtle: get full-bodied sound without distorting or losing definition in the timbre(tone) of the instrument.

When used alone at high levels it creates a pleasant crunchy harmonic saturation that sounds dirty and gritty.

  • Large volume reserve and low noise.
  • Switchcraft jacks Made in USA
  • "Full Size" Alpha Potentiometers
  • Noiseless True Bypass switching
  • Power supply with 9V battery or Boss type AC/DC adapter
  • Eddystone metal enclosure, painted black
  • High brightness red LED
  • Class A Single-Ended Circuit with NOS OC44 germanium transistors assembled "point-to-point"
  • Built entirely by hand in Italy


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