T-Pedals Nuke Booster



The prohibited weapon!

Buffer / Booster that sounds clear and natural.

The circuit in MOS-FET has the ideal characteristics for a buffer: high input impedance and low output impedance, perfect linearity and low noise.

Booster with over 30dB of gain in volume, it can be used to enhance the sound of the pick-up or push a powerful natural overdrive from the amp, without altering the tone.


  • Large volume reserve and low noise.
  • Switchcraft jacks Made in USA
  • "Full Size" Alpha Potentiometers
  • Noiseless True Bypass switching
  • Power supply with 9V battery or Boss type AC/DC adapter
  • Eddystone metal enclosure, painted green
  • High brightness red LED
  • Class A Single-Ended MOS-FET Circuit, assembled "point-to-point"
  • Built entirely by hand in Italy
  • 132 euro with VAT


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